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Tony Karpinski London Collection

British born 1965
Born in Westminster, London in 1965, Tony Karpinski began painting and drawing from the age of 4 ½. Receiving art prizes every year throughout his school years, Tony went on to study the techniques of Great Masters such as Rembrandt and Rubens. He was privately commissioned to execute several pastiches of Dutch Masters paintings for private clients.

Of his own work Tony says ‘My heart is rooted in London. I was born in London, I grew up in London and I spent most of my adult life in London. Yet it is quite remarkable that despite having also spent most of my adult life as a professional artist it is only now that I have started to paint my beloved City.

It could be seen as a long and necessary apprenticeship that has led me to this moment. A combination also of how I see London now and a new style of painting in which I think my subject should be interpreted.

I live just outside of London now and going into town allows me to look at it with fresh eyes, seeing the smaller things that I could possibly have overlooked if I saw it day in day out.
I'm filled with a great sense of excitement when I'm in the streets, I feel like a fly watching a fast moving City in slow motion. I love watching people, my focus is always on the people of London simply going about their daily business and moving around living their lives, I don't look for action, just simple beauty.

Of course this new avenue I have entered has opened up exciting new worlds to me of all the great cities on this planet, a never ending stream of reference material and so much to see and paint. The truth is though I could spend my whole life in London, never get bored and constantly see something incredible and new. '

Works by this artist…

  • Studying the Masters
    Studying the Masters
    ( ref : 16329 )
  • The Art Critics
    The Art Critics
    ( ref : 16328 )
  • XJS in Sloane Square
    XJS in Sloane Square
    ( ref : 16114 )
  • The King's Life Guard
    The King's Life Guard
    ( ref : 16253 )
  • Chihuahuas
    ( ref : 16165 )
  • The Golden Hinde
    The Golden Hinde
    ( ref : 16198 )
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