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Claude Venard

French 1913-1999
Claude Venard was born in Burgogne. At the age of seventeen, Venard began to take evening classes in painting at the École des Arts Appliqués. However, after only six years of conscientious study, he was forced, to help ends meet, to spend most of 1936 working as a restorer at the Louvre Museum. This experience, however, turned out to be beneficial in as much as it enabled the young artist to fill the gaps still existing in his artistic education.

Venard was in the French Army and upon his release, at the end of World War II, his life was transformed. With wide recognition of his painting came the chance to put being an artist before all else.

In 1945, through his continued friendship with Gruber and Marchand, Venard shared mutual success. He remained faithful to a Cubist style, and progressively accentuated the chromatics of his pallet up to reaching the extremes of his colour range, which he used in very thick forms and applied with multiple tools, including brush and pallet knife.

Venard’s style achieved putting different views of his subjects, usually objects or figures, together in the same picture. This resulted in paintings that appear fragmented and abstracted.

By breaking objects and figures down into distinct areas or planes, Venard aimed to not only show different viewpoints at the same time and within the same space but also to emphasize the two dimensional flatness of the canvas instead of creating the illusion of depth. This marked a revolutionary break with the tradition.

Venard’s work was partly influenced by the late work of Pau Cezanne, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque showing everything reduced to geometric outlines. Venard’s style became quite individual finding his own style within the title of Post Cubism.

Claud Venard’s career was a busy one, having one man shows in London, New York, Paris, Dusseldorf, Munich, Buenos Aires, Holland and Belgium. Venard also had successful shows in Tokyo, Canada, Philadelphia and Chicago. These were enviable markets which other artists found difficult to conquer.

With success came the fruits of his labour enabling Venard to have an enjoyable lifestyle, and it would be true to say that his popularity continues today with collectors reaching all parts of the globe.

Works by this artist…

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    ( ref : 15979 )
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    Nature Morte sur une Table
    ( ref : 15863 )
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