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Jules Worms

French 1832 - 1924
Jules Worms was born in Paris on 16 December 1832. He was a genre painter, a pupil of Lafosse. Jules entered L’Academy des Beaux-Arts on 5 April 1849 and made his Salon debut in 1859 with his Spanish subjects being a notable success.

Jules travelled in various countries, especially Spain. He was awarded medals for his work in 1867, 1868, 1878 and the Legion of Honour in 1876.

Works include: Field Forges, Dragoon courting Nurse (1859), Arrest for Debt (1861), Fountain Burgos (1863), Tavern in the Asturias, Departure of Smugglers (1865), Kitchen in Valencia, Race in Valencia (1866), Scene in Old Castile (1867), Romance a la Mode (1868), Welcome Visitor, Precocious Talent (1869), Selling a Mule, Box of Letters (1870), Sheep Shearing in Granada (1872), An Aunt by Succession (1873), Little Cabinet-Maker (1874), Sensational News, One’s Vocation (1875), Dancing the Vito in Granada, Going to the Review (1876), Fountain of the Bull in Granada (1877), Distracted Barber, Every Age has its Pleasures (1878), Pastoral Tournament (1879), Before the Alcalde (1880), Public Writer (1882), Politicians (1883) etc.

Works by this artist…

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    Much Needed Refreshment
    ( ref : 7529 )
  • Every bit Counts
    Every bit Counts
    ( ref : 5504 )
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